Field guide to the hard corals of the southern coast of Yemen

Field guide to the hard corals of the southern coast of Yemen

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Between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, dotting the northern coast of the Gulf of Aden, the coral reefs of the south Yemeni coast deserve the full attention and interest of scientists, naturalists, ecologists, amateur and professional divers and indeed of the public at large. Although by no means comparable in sheer size to the major coral reef systems of the world, they nevertheless are real little gems, offering to the underwater adventurer, explorer or curious diver, reefscapes of unparalleled beauty amidst the whirlpool of an exuberant fish life rarely seen elsewhere.

Written by experts in the field and beautifully illustrated by a talented underwater photographer, this field guide introduces us to the mysteries and to the science of the world of reef corals and coral reefs and makes us become familiar with nearly eighty of the most common or striking reef coral species to be found in the area. It will undoubtedly be the indispensable companion of all diving enthusiasts and nature lovers who want to experience the magic of reef corals away from the beaten track.


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décembre 2010
Parthénope collection
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